Voices of the 515


The Voices of the 515 podcast weaves the stories of the incredible individuals that put their heart and soul into making Central Iowa the place we love to call home. Each week, we will listen, learn, share, and celebrate the people, sights, and sounds of The 515. It is a chance to connect with the business, entertainment, inspiration, and fun that our collection of unique communities has to offer.


Dan Tooker is a big fan of The 515, so he is excited to bring together residents, businesses, and visitors and help them be “in the know” about what is happening in Central Iowa. The new podcast is the perfect way to connect his two careers in broadcasting with his life of service.

Dan has been an award-winning broadcaster for more than 18-years. Among his accolades is the 2007 Country Music Award (CMA) for Radio Personality of the Year. In 2008, he put away his headphones to start a second career in Sales Leadership, Digital Advertising, and helping Private Equity Firms fix struggling businesses – something he continues today at the Des Moines Radio Group.

In his free time, Dan is very involved in The 515 through volunteering at The Children’s Miracle League, Freemasonry, and Kiwanis Club. He also loves to hit the local bike trails and play tennis.

CONNECT WITH DAN: dtooker@dsmradio.com