STAR 102.5’s Christmas Wish 2022

While some fell on hard times, others gave back all they could this year, and we asked you to share the stories of people who deserve a STAR 102.5 Christmas Wish to help make this holiday season a little brighter.

These are stories about the incredible people in our community that are making a difference. These could be people volunteering their time, helping to make the lives of others easier, or someone just trying to brighten everyone’s day.

Presented by Alpha Copies and Express Signs – powered by Sigler.

Christmas Wishes of 2022

  • Wish 1 | A husband wants to thank his hard-working wife who handles all the ups and downs with strength and determination.
  • Wish #2 | A woman wishes for her father-in-law to have professional portraits with the family and the chance to record his many stories to keep in the family for years to come. Portraits done by Shana Drake Photography.
  • Wish #3 | A daughter wishes for her mother, who is taking care of her father with dementia, to have a full day to go shopping and get pampered. Hair services donated by PURE Salon Aveda, and spa services donated by East Village Spa.
  • Wish #4 | A colleague hopes to give the healthcare workers at Blank Children’s Hospital on floors 3 and 4 something to motivate them through the holiday season. Catering provided by Sunflower Catering.
  • Wish #5 | A friend wants to help a family who does a lot for their community and has now lost their home in a fire. Sporting supplies donated by Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Iowa Cubs offer a full experience at a game.
  • Wish #6 | A woman looking out for everyone else now needs some help. Our Christmas Wish sponsor, Sigler, is covering the cost of a new stove.
  • Wish #7 | A mother wants to make Christmas brighter for her hard-working, determined kids after the family lost their home in a fire.
  • Wish #8 | A friend wants to help her coworker finally do something for herself after only ever helping everyone else.
  • Wish #9 | A husband wants to thank his hard-working wife who gives her all for her students.