New Food Fun

Andy from LAZER 103.3, Ken from STAR 102.5, and Luke, Jeriney, and Leigh from 93.3 KIOA participated in the Iowa State Fair’s New Food Fun on July 19, 2022.

Vendors from the Iowa State Fair present their creations, and our DJs got the chance to taste test and judge to see which foods will make it to the top 3. Foods included Minty Moo Parfait (yes, made with Girl Scout Thin Mints), Puff Sundae, Egg-O-Fuego (yum!), Pork Belly Bao Buns, Blue Ribbon Cobbler, Chuckie’s Tenderloin Wrap, Pork Picnic in a Cup, OMG Chicken Sandwich (incredible!), Dawghouse Reuben Sandwich, and The Finisher!

Leigh McNabb: Girl Scout Cookies and ice cream? #YesPlease! The OMG Chicken Sandwich was my fave!

Luke Matthews: I picked the best year for my first time tasting the new Iowa State Fair foods! The foods were really diverse and at the same time, all quintessential State Fair. I really liked the Egg-O-Fuego despite not being a big fan of guacamole. It was delicious, and you get me with almost anything egg. The OMG Chicken Sandwich was fantastic! I can’t figure out why using a glazed donut as a bun makes everything better! But hands down, my favorite was “The Finisher.” It’s everything I love all put together. A baked potato, brisket, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and garlic butter? Oh yeah, baby! Plus, you add my new favorite food in brisket mac and cheese and you have THE best food to hit the Iowa State Fair in years!

Andy Hall: For me, the best item was the “Pork Picnic in a Cup.”  First of all, the contents were amazing… all those flavors and textures worked really well together, from the savory pulled pork and tang of the BBQ sauce to the creaminess of the cole slaw, and the crunch of the fritos.  The price point felt about right, and I loved the portability of this meal in a cup. Most underrated thing I ate was the Pork Belly Bao Bun.  Delicate, yet flavorful.  And the feeling you’re eating something healthy – not an item that would feel like a brick in your stomach hours after eating it.