Hiring for the Des Moines Radio Group Special Internship

What is the Des Moines Radio Group Special Internship?

Do you love listening to the radio and finding a new favorite song? But, do you also like the commercials? Are you a quick study with a creative bent? Are you ready to get hands-on in advertising?  And, of course, do you want to have some fun this summer, AND get paid?  Then this is likely the internship for you!

The 2019 Special Internship with the Des Moines Radio Group will concentrate on learning about Branding and Sales for broadcasting. Additional time will be spent learning about the radio business from studio to business office, to marketing to assisting with events.  After 12-weeks, you will have a working knowledge of radio, sales, branding, and a few fun stories to share this fall. 

The position is up to 26-hours a week, including some weekends.  You will start with a week-long overview of the radio business, then move into an intensive 9-week work/ study experience in the Branding and Sales department, followed by 2 weeks with promotions, including time at the Iowa State Fair. (Length of assignments may vary.)

Skills or classes that may be helpful for an applicant (applicants will be considered without these):

Computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe, and more. Classes or skills in business decorum, creative writing, marketing, ethics, and communication – including journalism, media, and broadcasting.

Details: The DMRG Special Internship is awarded to a graduating high school senior or current college student with an interest in, and aptitude for, the business of Radio Broadcasting.

Applicants must:

1) Demonstrate their ambition to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. 

2) Be in possession of a good academic record. (Please enclose unofficial transcript.) 

3) In the cover letter, include a paragraph about: A. Your favorite brand. B. Your favorite ad for that brand. C. Why it is your favorite brand. 

4) Be willing to commit to a 12-week, first-hand, summer internship at the Des Moines Radio Group in Des Moines, Iowa from May 28-August 18, 2019. 

  • The DMRG Scholarship is $5,000 (gross) to be paid as taxable wages bi-weekly during internship.  Student is responsible for any housing costs during internship.
  • (Employees and family members of Saga Communications, its subsidiaries or competing companies within a 100-mile radius are not eligible.)