Internet Advertising is Not Mass Media

There’s no doubt that the advertising world has been changed by the internet. Radio stations like ours use the internet and social media all the time. They are wonderful enhancements to our promotional efforts. But as we’ve said before, internet advertising is not mass media, and we are a massive society. There was an interesting study done recently by the Nielsen company – the one that measures radio audiences – and Catalina Solutions, a company that provides shopper cards and the resulting data based on your purchases. This study confirmed that of all the media, radio advertising provided the best return on investment. The average return for every dollar spent was over six dollars.* That return was DOUBLE the return posted by television and digital. The study’s chief research officer offered an opinion that the result was primarily due to the consumer’s affinity for their favorite radio station, saying, “it’s shocking how connected people are to their radio.”

Not to us, it’s not.

*”Advertising Age” magazine March 24, 2014