People are Spending More Time with Radio

According to a recent article, several recent studies point to an increase in the time people spend with radio.

Adults 18 and older spent one hour 52 minutes per day with radio in Q3 2016, two minutes more than in a survey of the same period in 2015, and equal to the time they spent with radio according to a 2014 survey. Consider the number of entertainment options available in 2014 compared with today.

According to Stacey Lynn Schulman, at Katz Media Group, “We’re spending more time with media generally and the time spent with smartphones is leading a lot of that but not at the detriment of our traditional media, like radio.” The new numbers show that Americans added nearly an hour of daily usage with apps or web browsing on a smartphone during the past year, from an hour and 14 minutes in Q3 2015 to two hour and ten minutes in 2016 to pull past radio. TV maintained its lead at four hours and six minutes, but posted its second consecutive decline. Perhaps the most important detail is that digital’s gains aren’t coming at radio’s expense. “There’s no cannibalization going on here, which is what many people think, that people are moving away”, says Schulman. “There are a lot more things that can capture our imaginations than there were one to two years ago but radio is gaining in terms of time spent.”

Among radio listeners, daily time spent listening is up to two hours, 45 minutes in Q3 2016, from two hours 42 minutes in 2015 and two hours 43 minutes in 2014. In another key takeaway from Nielsen’s total Audience Report from Q3 2016, radio retains its status as the country’s top reach medium, with a monthly cume of 97% of adults 12 and older, ahead of live and DVR/time shifted TV (93%), app/web on a smartphone (83%), video on a smartphone (68%), and internet on a PC (57%). radio also reaches more people on a weekly basis, 93% of adult consumers.

“I look at this and I go, wow, radio is consistent, radio is strong, radio is dominant”, Schulman says. “It’s still the dominant, number one reach medium for adults 18+ on a monthly basis with 240 million monthly users versus 237 million a year ago. That’s a great story.”

I agree. It’s also a great story for Des Moines advertisers. Smart marketers know that they can depend on the large audiences of our radio stations. Despite a massive increase in entertainment options, radio continues to gain more of consumers’ time while maintaining its unparalleled reach. Call us and put these advantages to work for your business!