Want to Sell More Product? Try Mass media

In the last few years, many advertisers have dramatically increased their investments in digital advertising. The promise of very specific targeting using data holds the promise of reaching just the right consumers. The idea is that this new technology can make advertising more efficient.

We’re a very practical people. I think we’re willing to follow along with an idea so long as it works. So, does this hyper targeting work? According to the latest study by the Advertising Research Foundation, abandoning mass media in a marketing plan caused sales to drop. Add to that the recent statements by Procter and Gamble CMO Marc Pritchard that their brands were stagnating by targeting too narrowly on Facebook, and you have powerful affirmation of the need to use mass media in successful marketing campaigns.

According to Andy Sippel at Ad Week, their recent research recorded the biggest increase in marketer confidence for more traditional, homogeneous media. In the case of radio, the increase was 18%. If marketers feel this much better about investing their client’s money in radio, it’s because they know it’s producing results.

Audiences don’t draw the lines that advertisers do. People get their information from whichever source they like. Today, they’re putting different media together more than ever before. For example, Nielsen continues to find that radio advertising increases the recall of television commercials.

Pierre Bouvard, at Westwood One recently said that advertisers are paying more and more attention to the huge daytime reach of radio stations. The ARF, arguably a media neutral organization suggests three “smart-spending action steps” for advertisers. Invest in multiple platforms at once rather than shifting between them. Second, they recommend adding mass media back into marketing plans to maximize ROI. The third recommendation is to reach young consumers on both traditional and new media, not just on mobile.

Des Moines advertisers already realize the value of radio advertising. Isn’t it good to know that many industry leaders agree?