Making a Difference with Sound

Can you help build a brand for a major advertiser using primarily the power of sound? We often get this question in the radio business. According to a recent article by Pierre Bouvard of Westwood One, Subaru’s experience with their most recent campaign provides strong support for the idea that this is possible.
Traditionally, auto manufacturers loved the ability to show consumers the look of their vehicles in visual media. They could play up the fun experience of driving with exciting motion shots. According to the Council for Research Excellence, new information shows that consumers are less focused on watching television screens, particularly during commercials. The use of second screens to pursue activities unrelated to what’s happening on the television screen is the main reason. This has encouraged the use of sound to draw attention back to the screen.
Alan Bethke, the director of marketing communications for Subaru North America told Ad Week that the company’s internal research concluded that Subaru owners love their cars. It was something they knew, but had not thought to include in their marketing. They also realized that people love telling and hearing stories. Seven years ago, Carmichael Lynch, the agency working on the Subaru campaign, decided to focus on the concept of love in their creative concepts. They told personal stories focused on adventure, versatility, safety, and longevity.
While it’s important to make people feel good, it’s equally important that people share the feelings they have about a brand. That’s what helps to sell cars.
So, how did the Subaru campaign perform? According to The Keller Fay Group, the brand tracking authorities, going back to 2012, Subaru had the biggest increase of any car brand in average weekly word of mouth conversions. They further conclude that the radio ads are more likely than TV ads to lead to word of mouth conversions. Through the first six months of 2016, Subaru had sold more vehicles (279,458) than they did in all of 2006 (200,703).
With such a powerful tool available to Des Moines business owners, doesn’t it make sense to put the power of sound to work for your business? Contact us today to learn how we can tell your story, increase the word of mouth for your business, and help drive your success!