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The Des Moines Radio Group can provide the most comprehensive marketing plan for your business. We offer customized marketing solutions that leverage all of our assets to deliver substantial results for our clients.

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It Ain’t Necessarily Disruption

By Joe Jones Clayton M. Christiensen, in his 1997 book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, argued that businesses failed even though they made the right decisions. His argument was that history moved too quickly for companies to take advantage of new opportunities. The good decisions that made them successful companies in the first place made them less […]



515 Forget It!

By Joe Jones The typical commercial on Des Moines radio includes 160 words. If a commercial costs $80, then that means a commercial costs 50-cents per word. So the cost of putting a seven digit phone number in a radio commercial is $3.50 each time the number is included. Since research tells us that hardly […]

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